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Welcome to The Collectible Craze - Collectible Craze America

Welcome to The Collectible Craze

Hello, and welcome to The Collectible Craze!

What exactly is The Collectible Craze? 

The Collectible Craze is a blog about all things collectible/collecting to help you the novice or experienced collector learn more about Numismatics, coin values, errors, varieties and everything else fun about coin collecting.  The Collectible Craze is an educational and entertainment arm of Collectible Craze America, a leading online shop for hobby collectors.

What should you expect?

We are here for your entertainment and educational purposes.  We're coming back to the hobby after inheriting a larger than expected coin collection so we're learning and relearning parts of the hobby ourselves.  We're going to document our own education/re-education of the hobby and share that with you.  We want to hear from you and provide you with the information/content you seek. 

Our shop focuses on Sports Cards, non-sports Trading Cards, coins and other collectible items.  We're looking to expand our offerings in to other areas such as autographs, movie props and anything in between.  If there's an area of the hobby that you feel we should cover or look into bringing in to the shop please reach out through the contact form.

Join us in the journey to make collecting a more mainstream hobby.