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About Us

Our Founding:

Collectible Craze America was founded after Phil inherited his father's coin collection.  After inheriting a collection that he knew very little about he found that there was value in his father's collection and set out to learn more about rare coins, coin collecting and general numismatics.  

During this research phase Phil continued to see the similarities between Sports Card collecting and Coin Collecting but felt that there was something lacking in the Coin Collecting community.  He thought that Coin Collecting could be more inclusive, open and community focused like he saw in the Sports Card collecting community. 

Collectible Craze America Logo

In an effort to find that, unsuccessfully, Phil decided to start Collectible Craze America, a new type of coin collecting hobby shop focused on the community, educating and entertaining content around coin collecting.

How we are different:

Currently, we're a very small operation just getting started.  While that could seem like a big disadvantage for us, we feel like it's actually a huge advantage.  Let us Explain:

A Blank Canvas:

Since we're new to coin collecting in general and starting a coin and collecting supply shop at the same time we're quite literally painting on a blank canvas.  As we learn more about coins we'll share that with you.  If you're just getting started and feel intimidated or lost come join us.  We're learning with you.

Bringing the Hobby to More People:

The way and places that people shop have been changing over the years.  New platforms exist and people are spending more time on their phones and on social media.  We feel like the best way to bring the hobby to more people and keep it moving through the next few generations is to be where our customer's are.  Check out our social media channels to learn and buy from us there as well.  

Competitive Pricing:

We are just as competitive on price as larger shops.  In some cases we are able to take advantage of our lower overhead and beat or match prices as well.

Wealth Growth:

Similar to the sports card collecting hobby we see coins as an investment tool something that should gain value over time.  Not all coins are created equal either, so knowing what and when to invest and the best prices are essential.  We can help show you how to preserve and grow your wealth through coin and precious metal buying and selling.