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Collectible Craze American is now offering a consignment service to it's customers.  We will take on your inventory and get it sold for you and send you the money.

Why Consignment?


We're all busy, who has the time to list and ship?

Where to sell:

Should we sell it on ebay or send it some where else. Does it need to be graded?

Just want it gone:

This stuff is taking up a bunch of room right? 

Payouts $:

Payouts will be made on INDIVIDUAL card sales prices based on the following Table:

 Ending Sales Price Payout
Under $10

$3 Flat Fee

$10 - $49.99

83% minus $1

$50 - $99.99


$100 - $499.99 86%
$500 - $999.99 87%
$1000 - $2499.99 88%
$2500 - $4999.99 90%
$5000 - $9999.99 92%
$10000 and up 93%

 Consignment Terms:

  • We only accept raw and graded cards for consignment.
  • Items will be listed within 3 weeks of receiving them (mail in only)
    • Orders of under 50 cards will typically go up within 1 week.
    • If the order is over 50 cards it may take 2-4 weeks to get everything listed but it may be processed in batches over multiple weeks.
  • Payouts will be determined based on our rate table
  • Payouts are based on INDIVIDUAL card sales prices and are applied to each individual item not the total sales.
  • Paypal Payouts (Goods and Services) are made within 2 business after the request is made and are based on available balance. We do not pay out using Friends and Family.
  • Check payouts will be mailed within 5 business days after the request is made and are based on the available balance - please not these are subject to a $10 fee as we send them priority with tracking.
  • ACH payouts ($5 fee) and Wire payouts ($30 fee) are also available and made within 2 business days.
  • Sending us a list is required using the form above.  We will use this list to generate your invoice and verify your order.
  • If we determine most cards in an order will not receive bids, we reserve the right to return the order.  We will contact you before returning.  Please note that most cards should sell over $10 and average $50 to take advantage of consignment services.
  • Unsold Items: After 90 days of an item going unsold we will reach out to discussing next steps.  It might be time to try an auction or moving on from the card completely.  You have the option of selling the card to us at this point or paying a $3 unsold item fee and the card will be returned to you.
  • We will consider other sports and collectible items on an individual basis.  Contact us and let's see if we can help you.


  • Raw cards are in at least near mint/mint condition.  All graded cards are accepted.
  • Cards are not altered in any way, shape of form.
  • Cards are listed with a buy it now based off market research.  We will send you the prices we're planning to list prior to listing your cards.