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Sell To Us

Sell your coins today!

We buy coins, entire coin collections and other collectible items.

We make selling your items very easy and safe.  We strive to be a top buyer paying fair market values.

How to Sell to Us:

  1. Gather up the items that you wish to sell and take pictures.  We like a picture of the entire lot and some individual items are generally best.
  2. Contact us on the contact page and let us know you have items to sell.
  3. We'll reach out to you with-in two (2) business days to get the pictures and other information we'll need to move forward.
  4. Pack your items in a USPS flat rate box and use the provide shipping label to send your items to us.

It's a pretty simple process and we can usually have your items and you paid with-in 1-2 weeks from your initial contact to us.

How Do You Get Paid:

After we have received your shipment and inspected it we will reach back out to you to make any adjustments to our original quote, if any, and make final payment arrangements at that time.  We currently pay using Check, Paypal (goods), and/or Venmo, the choice is yours.  **If no choice is made with-in 5 business of initial contact, the default payment option is company check mailed to the address you provided in the initial buying set up.